EdTech Startups In New Hampshire


SNHU hosted an EdTech Innovation Forum today at their beautiful Sandbox CoLABorative space. The forum featured 4 EdTech startups.

The quick takeaway: Changes are coming, innovation is available, but educational institutions are slow to move and the sales cycle is daunting. Investment is happening though with more than $2 billion invested globally last year.

The more interesting takeaway: NH has a number of edtech startups now. Three of the four startups on the panel are based in NH. Pulse, EDACS, Awato. Also in attendance that we noticed were Higher Ed Profiles and Kudoswall. One might even argue that SNHU is an edtech company, recently spinning off Motivis Learning. Also notable is that SNHU recently partnered with Rethink Education to launch a $15M Edtech Seed Fund. Time will tell if NH area startups will see investment from the fund.